Fast Set Grout (FSG)

Main applications are for water sealing for shaft operations, mining operations and ring covers; pre-cementation and sealing of gas leaks.

Groutex 100

Groutex 100 is a natural vinyl which is used to seal off water. Groutex 100 is a very penetrable chemical and can also be used to seal open leaks. The flexibility makes it a very suitable grout, especially in unstable conditions.


A natural occurring sodium montmorillinite used as a filter cake and viscosifier for drilling purposes. Very sufficient as a filler
Bentonite – granular
Bentonite – HV
Bentonite Pellets

MPI (100 - 300)

MPI is a silicate resin for rock stabilization. It was developed to provide a resin which not only has strong adhesive properties, but also reacts in the presence of water and seals the fissures and fractures. Very efficient in broken formations.


Is a unique water activated resin and is the most versatile of all grouts. It is the only chemical grout which sets on contact with water. Upon setting Polyseal also expands 3 times its volume.

Polyseal sets to an extremely hard rubber like consistency. It is flexible enough to resist bumps but strong enough to consolidate loose formation.

MSG (Medium set-grout)

MSG is a fine cementation powder that adds mixture for injection use in slurry form for plugging cracks, fissures and stabilizing coarse sands.


Dispersion in a water phase, containing emulsifiers. Very sufficient for dam sealing.

Rock sealant (TSL)

TSL – Thin Sprayed Liner.
TSK is a rock sealant and for underground use. It is a tough resilient material used to seal rock fissures and joints preventing oxidation and weathering or rock mass.

Damp sealant - KPX 100 and KPX 100Xtreme

KPX 100 products are  non toxic, non flammable, surface penetrating sealer with low VOC (volatile organic components) meaning it as low odour content. Our product is also completely environmentally friendly and bio- degradable.

The hydrophobic surface repels liquid water shielding these surfaces and preventing water absorption while allowing the trapped water to escape and preventing further water damping. The product creates a water repelling barrier.

Because there is NO polymer or latex film, it is resistant to abrasion and household cleaners.

KPX  is sealant and NOT an additive

Kleynex KPX 100

Preferably indoor purposes and small leaks such as shower leaks, wall leaks, tile sealing, cupboard etc.

Kleynex KPX 100 Xtreme

Preferable Exterior use with high water content damage such as damp building walls and structures, dams, pools roofs etc.

Other Products


Drill Pol


Seal’s Rod Grease
Copper Compound
Silicone Grease


Magnesium Oxide
Magnesium Chloride
Calcium Chloride
Caustic Soda
Potassium Chloride
Sodium Chloride
Soda Ash Light
Soda Ash Dense


Drill Foam
Sure Foam Conc.


60% Natural Latex
Fluorescein – green dye
Fluorescein – Red Dye
Degreaser EF
Degreaser B
Rock Rapture

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