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Our History

Kleynex Trading Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012 to comply with BEE  regulations and with the objective to merge with the existing Sealchem CC. Sealchem, the original company was established in 2000 and quickly became the leader in mining services, consolidation, chemical grouting, drilling and drilling fluids & chemicals. Experience in mining, drilling, consolidation and sealing date back to the 70’s. Successful contracts have been completed on all the major mining groups within South Africa and abroad. We have an outstanding safety record with zero fatalities since our establishment in 2000.

Our Mission & Vision

We take great pride in delivering our services on time and doing the work safely and efficiently and within budget.


To provide differentiated, safe, high quality and cost efficient services to the mining groups.

To participate in the social and economic development of South Africa.

To improve the life of individuals by providing essential and basic needs to the community.

To establish a safe environment to each individual involved.


Kleynex is striving to be the unrivaled leader in the mining services, consolidation and chemical grouting service sector in the Southern African region and beyond. Safety is our first priority.

Promote Black Empowerment – Kleynex’s BEE status improved to black owned – 52%.
Job Creation and skill transfer.
Supporting the need for more effective service delivery.
Promoting service delivery and a healthy environment.

Aims & Objectives

Enterprise Development

Kleynex provides niche services and relies on a well-skilled and experienced staff contingent. The workforce of approx 50 skilled workers, mainly black employees, consists of Grout Technicians and assistants of which some have been with Sealchem since our establishment, in 2000.

We believe in treating employees very much as part of a family business structure, where the growth and development of each and every one is valued. As a result, there is ongoing mentorship for younger employees striving to master their trade or profession and grow within the company and progress on their career paths. This leads to enormous career enrichment, as well as higher productivity and efficiency levels.

We are currently expanding our chemical plant which will result in more job opportunities.

We have mining projects in the southern African region and are therefore involved in making a contribution to the development of local communities. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives are designed especially for rural schools, assisting them to obtain the equipment they require to provide a better educational service to the children who attend.

Social Investments


We are black owned (52% BEE) and committed to employment equity and transformation across all its employment levels. Management constantly consults and negotiates with employees so that fair and just employment agreements are reached.

The company fully complies with all South African employment equity legislation.

Level 2 B-BBEE Avidavit

(Safety, Health & Environmental)

We have an outstanding safety record since 2000, with no lost time injuries that were reported.

We strive to uphold this very important record because safety is our no.1 priority and will always be. Each and everyone in our company are committed to safety and tend to work as a team regardless of the company we are contracting for.

We also have safely completed projects at Morocco in 2008, DRC in 2009 and Zambia 2010.

As a mining services organization, our main scope of work consists of underground water/Methane high pressure sealing (grouting) and consolidation. We employ more than 50 people; manufacture advanced grouts on average 80000 tons per month. This means that Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) policies are in place, with the company complying with all legislation.

Our SHE track record is excellent, having undertaken many projects for the mineral   exploration and mining industry for over 16 years. As a leader in the field of grouting / sealing, we are aware of the potential risk to employee’s safety and health and of the potential negative environmental impact resulting from operations. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments are considered an integral part of the management system, with Kleynex committed to plan, conduct and monitor operations to reduce safety, health and environmental risks.

We are therefore completely committed to ensure a sustainable future for the industry and for generations to come, by continually improving safety and health in the workplace and the environment.


  • Jan 2016 we had 8000 zero LTI shifts.
  • We belief in ZERO HARM and that all injuries are preventable.
  • We are committed to continually improve safety performance, taking heed of the design of the equipment, the application of simple and understandable safety management systems and by ensuring that all employees are equipped with the means to implement safety procedures at all times.
  • Management is committed to investigate all unsafe practices and incidents and takes the necessary steps to prevent re-occurrence.
  • We will set appropriate objectives and monitor progress against these objectives to ensure continual improvement towards our goals.
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) forms the basis for the implementation of Safety.
  • Management is committed to create a climate and culture of co-operation and to prevent unplanned interruptions to operations and processes as the result of incidents.
  • Management acknowledges the right of all employees to training, representation, valid and relevant training, and to refuse to work in a dangerous area and the right to work in a safe and healthy work environment.


We believe our people are our key asset and we strive to ensure that occupational health standards are met. All employees should be able to return home fit and well at the end of each shift. We commit to the reduction of exposure at source through good engineering practice and compliance with the law. We will provide appropriate resources, systems and training to protect, maintain and promote the health and working capacity of our people.

We acknowledge the responsibility to identify environmental aspects and impacts.

We shall conserve and protect environmental resources through, among others, the efficient use of energy and water, minimizing waste and reducing pollution. We shall demonstrate active stewardship of land, freshwater systems and biodiversity with which we interact. We respect people’s culture and heritage. We shall comply with environmental legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe, and develop a culture of continual improvement.

Material Safety Data Sheets available on request!

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